Born 1980 in Klagenfurt and raised in a family business. Studied communication at the University of Vienna and visual media design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Early years begin in the PR & media sector in Vienna and Munich, and from 2005, in Berlin. Since 2008 active full-time internationally as a photographer.

Whether in front of or behind the camera, Bernhard Musil plays within and between fields of tension. His view of the world is unexcitedly exciting, marked by encounters and impressions across the continents.



Studio Musil uses the power of staging and strong characters. Studio Musil seeks and demands authenticity in front of the lens. Studio Musil plays with form and colour. Studio Musil composes with a classical approach. Studio Musil loves the loud and the exaggerated.


Mr. Musil channels the power of the moment and the chance encounter. Mr. Musil has depth and renounces the superficial. Mr. Musil is more concerned with authenticity than outward appearances. Mr. Musil is complex and sometimes strange. Mr. Musil is morbidly cheerful.